Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Blog: All Grown Up Parties

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I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that I started a new blog. Yeah, I know, another one! I don't know when to quit!

But I'm really excited about this one and I do hope to keep it going and build it up.

It's called All Grown Up Parties and it's basically what it sounds like. The blog is about celebrating parties that adults put on for themselves. I'm thinking around 16 and up, but the age isn't too important. I just want more adults to remember what it was like to be kids, and throw themselves a movie night, a holiday party, or even a themed party...Hunger Games, anyone? I'm currently planning a Hunger Games party for May and I just had a Harry Potter themed party with some friends. It's fun, so why not share the effort you put into the party with others, and give us all ideas?

Plus, I'm offering my help in planning parties if you need more ideas...or don't even know where to start! So please, follow along, send in your party ideas, and spread the word.

Thanks for Celebrating!!


Krista said...

Ok I was thinking of a Harry Potter too, come as your favorite character! My hubby has a long beard so I can think of a few for him! Love it!

Patricia said...

I love the idea and I hope you'll write lots about all these parties, so I can steal your ideas and act as if they were mine. *evil grin* ;)

angie @ the cellar door stories said...

sounds like a great idea!

thanks for coming over & commenting on our lego party ~ i really appreciate it! :)

CourtneyJo of The Everything Soap Blog said...

Sweet - I don't know how you keep up. I have such a hard time just running one.