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Make it a Gift Review- Pro Files: Baseball

Sports Illustrated Kids Pro Files: Baseball
Intel on Today's Biggest Stars AND Tips on How to Play Like Them

Review by: Lauren

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This book would be perfect for any budding Baseball fan, though the seasoned ones might love it too. It's from Sports Illustrated Kids, but I don't think it's just for child it does give some interesting information from various top players in the MLB (Major League Baseball). This is not a complete book, which means you don't need to read it front to back. You can search through the pages at your leisure, reading up on your favorite players or learning about some new ones.

Each Pro File starts off with a picture of the player in action with the basic facts: Team, Position, Height, Weight, Birth Date, and Hometown. I found it interesting to see where the players were from as opposed to what team they play for now. Turn the page and you get some Background Information on the players, their Baseball Resume, Career Stats, Inside Information (answers to a few fun questions) and a section called Running the Numbers (which include number-related facts about the player...). Then you get the section that gives people an idea on just how to play like this player, a Player Analysis, and one of my favorite parts...In His Words, which is a quote from the player.

Joey Votto
Since this isn't the type of book that you read from front to back, I did not read all the Pro Files, but I did start out with Joey Votto. I live near Cincinnati, Ohio so I just had too since Votto is the First Baseman for the Cincinnati, Reds. The Background info is really interesting because it shows you just how the players started out, and for Votto, he grew up playing baseball in Canada.

The Inside Information shows the players on a "normal" level, and by that, it gives you a look into some of what the players like besides playing baseball. For example, Votto's favorite subject in school was English. Nice, huh?

As I said above, I liked the In His Words section because it's interesting to get quotes directly from people and Votto's was "I felt like a lot of people blazed a trail for me. At some point I just started saying to myself, 'Why don't you set your own standards? Why don't you see how good you can be?'" I really like this quote because it's true for all people, doing whatever they love to do, and not just baseball. We should all set standards against ourselves instead of other people to see just what we can accomplish.

Justin Verlander

Since I focused mainly on Votto (since he plays for my local team and I wanted to really showcase what a Pro File could contain) I wanted to let you know a random fact that I enjoyed from another player. His name is Justin Verlander and he's a Pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. The fact I enjoyed is what's listed as his favorite movies: Harry Potter films. I could get behind someone that loves HP!!

Make it a Gift

NY Yankees

M & M's has a website where you can personalize your own, which I think is pretty awesome, but since this book is all about baseball, why not get your own MLB M & M's? The website allows you to pick your favorite team and they will send you some candy with the team's logo. You can get a 7 oz. bag for $10.99, which I think is pretty good. That should be enough candy, plus it's personalized, and it would make a wonderful gift all on its own or paired with this book or some other baseball-themed item.

Cincinnati Reds -


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