Friday, May 25, 2012

Movie Review: Men in Black 3 + Back in Time Video

Men in Black 3

Review by Lauren

"Back in Time" by Pitbull, Video Below. Feel free to play the song while reading the review!

Brief Summary from IMDB- Agent J travels in time to MIB's early years in the 1960s, to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history.

My Thoughts- This was an awesome movie! 'Nuff said.

Well, okay, I guess I can say more. I saw this movie at midnight (it's release day is today) with my sister and we both highly enjoyed the film. It's been awhile since a MIB movie was released, but I think most people will be highly satisfied by this  addition to the now-trilogy. While Josh Brolin does play a young Tommy Lee Jones, fans of Jones still get quite a bit of him. When seeing the previews, I thought Jones would be more MIA, but it was cool to see how the film blended just enough young and old Agent K.

However, Josh Brolin was fantastic as young Agent K. Seriously, it was kind of creepy at times. After all, Brolin was doing Agent K, but in a big way, he was doing Tommy Lee Jones and it was pretty spot-on. I'm not sure how you could be disappointed in his portrayal. Young Agent K is different enough in the past for Brolin to do his own thing, but still keep a respectable amount of Jones' future K. As for young Agent K, he's definitely a lot more open and willing to talk...which, as MIB fans know, is pretty odd for K. All will be explained in the film though...and I have to admit, the ending made me pretty sad, in a bittersweet kind of way.

Bill Hader as Andy Warhol

As for Agent  J, Will Smith does a wonderful job bringing his character back. I love seeing Smith in comedic roles, as those are few and far between it seems lately, so having Agent J's humor was a wonderful addition to the film. He isn't the only humorous character, of course, as both young and old Agent K add laughs in their own unique way and Bill Hader's appearance as Andy Warhol- who is really a MIB agent- is quite amusing.

Andy Warhol: Dammit K, trying to blow my cover?
Agent J: Whoa, Andy Warhol's one of US?
Andy Warhol: Who's the dumbass?
Agent J: You know, I'd have no problem pimp-slapping the shiznit out of Andy Warhol.
-------quote from IMDB (this was in the trailer, so it's not a spoiler alert in that sense!)

Boris the Animal

The villian of this story is Boris the Animal (though he likes to just be called Boris) and is wonderfully played by Jemaine Clement. Remember Flight of the Conchords? Yeah, one of those guys. It's kind of creepy how different they make him look in MIB, but if you know Clement, you should be able to recognize his I did. Regardless, he's wonderful as Boris, an alien who wishes to take over Earth and get back at Agent K for something he did to Boris in the past (hence all the time traveling!)

Jemaine Clement is on the right

In the end, I would highly recommend this film. At 103 minutes, I was hooked the entire time. I didn't feel like the movie was too short or too long, and it is definitely a film I would go see again.

And finally...

During the credits at the end of the film, you can hear Pitbull's song "Back in Time" which I really enjoyed, so here is the official video for you to enjoy:


Sierra Abrams said...

Ahahaha I love the first two movies! I can't wait to see this one! :D Sounds like it was a hit ;) Thanks for reviewing - and love the Pitbull song! ;)

Mimi Valentine said...

Oh my gosh, I want to see this movie SO SO badly! I remember loving the first two like crazy (although it was such a long time ago that I've forgotten most of what happens haha), but I still haven't found enough time to see this one yet. I love how this movie has some time traveling awesomeness in it, and Pitbull's song totally goes with that LOL x) And a bittersweet ending? I'm both scared and infinitely more intrigued!

Awesome movie review, Lauren! I can't wait to watch this! :)

L-Diggitty said...

Wow... I didn't want to watch this movie at all... but now I think I'm gonna have to. Plus I LOVE Jemaine Clement!

Medeia Sharif said...

I so want to watch this movie. I loved the first two. :)

Melanie said...

I haven't seen any of the MIB movies, but I've heard they were hilarious. Someone was telling me about the Wharhol moment, and I about died laughing.

Karen said...

It's good to hear a positive review. I haven't seen it yet but I've heard mostly negative.
I guess people may have certain expectations after so long away front he franchise.

Giselle said...

I've been seeing a lot of hate for this movie so Im glad to finally see some positive as it sounds so awesome! I definitely plan to watch it!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Ooh I really want to watch this one! I saw the trailer and just thought 'yes!' :) Think this one will be fun :)

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

I love the idea of including music with your reviews! I'm a huge music fan, and I frequently make the connection between certain books and the songs that might fit with them! Also, I adore Pitbull. I always want to dance when I hear his music!

sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books said...

I really liked the first 2 movies! I will watch them whenever they are on tv. I look forward to seeing this 3rd one! :)