Saturday, May 5, 2012

Read Destiny for Free (Expires 5/7)

In honor of the the sequel, Destiny Unveiled by Laura DeLuca, being released this Monday (5/7), you can now read Destiny for free via Smash Words. Be quick though, you only have until Monday to do so!

If you're not aware of this book, then please check out the guest review Shooting Stars Mag posted of it.

To get Destiny, visit Smashwords here. The information you need-

Coupon Code: DY64R
Expires: May 7, 2012

*I do not own any of these photos. The top is Destiny and the bottom is Destiny Unveiled, the sequel.


GabbyLowe said...

Thanks so much for sharing!

Medeia Sharif said...

Thanks for the link. I'll load it into my iPad and I'll check out your review.