Sunday, June 10, 2012

Find the Pretty Little Lies-- The Mystery of "A"

In the Season 2 finale we finally find out who the mysterious character is that plagued the Little Liars since Season 1, known as the elusive "A." I actually thought that Jenna might have been "A" in the beginning. I suppose it's a bit too obvious, if it WAS her, but the clues kind of pointed that way in the beginning and she would have reason to want revenge, being blinded and everything.

Howeve, since she is blind, how could she spy on the girls and learn their secrets? Well, she would need an extra hand! That means, that while Jenna is a bit too obvious, she's really not. She could easily want to be "A", but could she really pull it off? Not on her own.

So yeah, I thought Jenna might have been "A" in the very beginning...simply based on who she was and how she could easily wish for revenge. And two "A's" are better than one.

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kimbacaffeinate said...

I haven't watched this but my college aged daughter loves this show..and now i know what she was talking about ..LOL

Mimi Valentine said...

Lauren, I thought the exact same thing! At first, I was so sure that Jenna had something to do with the whole A business, but then I kept second-guessing myself because there were so many unanswered questions... Eventually I just wanted to blame everything on Mona because she was suspicious too LOL x)

But ANYWAYS! I'm so excited for season three to come out! I think I might have to buy the second season too, so thanks for the link, Lauren :) Maybe we can gush about it together when the season starts up again? <3

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

You know I tried to get into this show, but just didn't. You have made me curious though. I may have to give it another try!

Emily said...

How have I not watched this show or read the books? They sound amazing! Unfortunately, someone told
me who A is, so now I kind of feel like I won't enjoy them as much. Are they still worth watching/reading!

Emily said...

That last piece of punctuation was supposed to be a question mark if you couldn't tell. I must proofreader my comments! Haha.

Emily said...

And of course autocorrect decides to go and insert "proofreader" instead of "proofread" in a comment in which I am correcting my previous typo. I'll just quit before things get worse.

Shirley said...

I HAVE been keeping track of Pretty Little Liars & I know we find out who "A" is (supposedly) in the last episode, but that VERY LAST PART confused me :S I thought she was only doing whatever the real "A" asked her to do? I.e. she was hired by "A" to pretend to be whoever "A" really is? Okayy, I'm going around in circles now! But yeahh...I thought Jenna was most likely "A" as well, but then she seemed like the most likely suspect, so I thought she maybe it was someone else... ANYWAY, i can't wait for season 3!!!

The Teen Book Guru said...

OMG I really have to get into this series!! EVERYONE seems to be gushing about how awesome it is!! And, wait, they STILL haven't found out who A is?? I'm confused. -.- But! I have my summer hols on soon so I am planning to start watching PLL during the long and boring and hot days!!

Great post, Mag!! <3

Vegan YA Nerds said...

I love PLL! I want to go back and watch every episode again to see if I can spot any clues because I am sure the writers changed things along the way

Ria @ The Beaucoup Review said...

I am so behind on PLL. I didn't start watching at the beginning, but I've been watching online. However, I've only seen the first few episodes of season 2. ):
I'm so lazy, I think I may just buy the boxset and get it over and done with! In the books, it's Mona, but they don't follow the books... Jenna [with help] seems a likely candidate!
Also, PLL shouldn't be talked about without EZRAAAAAAA getting a mention. (; xo