Monday, June 11, 2012

Fog Free Shaving Mirror Review + Giveaway

SW carton

Shave Well Fog Free Shower Mirror

Review by: Lauren and my family!

Product sent to review, all opinions are our own

Review: I was really excited when I was asked to do a review of the Fog Free Shower Mirror because I've been seeing it around the blogosphere and I thought it was a great product.

And it was!

First off, my misconceptions of the product-

*I thought it was bigger

*I thought the mirror was magical and never fogged up

However, these aren't cons...they are just things I figure you might have thought as well.

First off, this is what the actual mirror looks like:

SW on grey

Misconception 1: It's not as big as I'd imagined, but it's the perfect size. Who wants a huge mirror when you're trying to take a shower anyway, right? It's about the length of my whole hand from top to bottom and a bit smaller width wise, but overall, not too shabby.

Misconception 2: It does get foggy! But let me see how the mirror is hanging on a hook? Yeah, you put that on your shower wall and hang the mirror. Don't worry, the hook goes up enough that it won't suddenly fall off. However, to make it NOT fog, you must get your shower warmed up as much as you want. Once you have the correct temperature, you put the mirror under the water and then hang it back up. As long as you don't change the temperature of your shower, then the mirror will stay fog free!

Our Thoughts-

I don't really do much in the shower besides the general wash, shampoo, etc, but where the mirror is hanging, I can see my hair and I do find it's a bit nice to see that when I'm lathering up the shampoo. I can check to see if I'm missing spots or whatnot. My mom seems to enjoy it for similar reasons too.

My main reviewer was my dad, though, because while this product works for girls...I still maintain that it's best for guys and shaving. Before the mirror, my dad would shave in the shower because it was easier but he couldn't see what he was doing. If he forgot to check a mirror before leaving the house, he might find he missed spots later in the day.

However, with the mirror, he has a perfect way to shave while in the shower, and he loves it! It gives a nice, smooth shave and he doesn't have to worry about missing anything. He thinks the size is just perfect and it's a great product, and when asked about any negatives, he had none!

The Shave Well Company has this to say about the benefits of shaving in the shower:

Shaving in the shower is the most comfortable place for a man to shave. The moisture and steam greatly soften Dad's beard and make it much easier to cut, resulting in a closer more comfortable shave. When you get out of the shower and towel dry, your face quickly loses the benefit of all the moisture from the hot steamy shower. Once your beard begins to dry, you can be literally tugging on each and every hair on your face instead of neatly slicing it at the skin's surface and moving on without irritating your skin.

I'd say I'm sold! What do you think, though? Would you get this for the man in your life...or even for yourself?

How about trying to win one right now?!


To Enter: You must like the company on facebook

If you enter this giveaway, and do not win, I will send you a code from the company for a discount on a Fog Free mirror, in case you wish to purchase one yourself (and I do recommend!), so please leave your email in at least one comment or have it somewhere I can easily find it!

Open To: U.S. and Canada

Ends: Sunday, June 17th (Father's Day!)

Prize: One fog free shaving mirror!

Extra Entries-

+1- leave another comment if you follow the company on twitter
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