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Immaculate Resurrections (Book I)- Rise of the Antichrist by Randall Lowe

Immaculate Resurrections
Book I: Rise of the Antichrist
By Randall Lowe

Review from Lauren

Copy from author, all opinions are our own

Official Summary: Welcome to college, Felix. By the way, you're the Second Coming. And the Antichrist, well, he lives on the other side of town...

Felix August enrolls at Portland College with two goals: prove that he belongs at the school, even though he cheated on the SAT, and crack the starting lineup on the football team. But when Bill Stout, the school's groundskeeper, tells Felix that Landry Ashfield, the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, is the Antichrist, and that Felix is the reincarnation of a long-dead Druid who is known throughout the world by another name, the Second Coming of Christ, his life changes forever.

Already struggling to cope with a recent tragedy in his life, Felix's desire to fit in at school and be like all the other students on campus is complicated by the knowledge that he could be the Second Coming. And although Felix could have never imagined a stranger way for any freshman to begin his college career, as the semester unfolds, an ordinary college life of football, partying and pursuing girls with his reality star roommate almost seems possible. But a horrifying recurring nightmare not only threatens to undermine Felix's attempt at normalcy, it may reveal a disturbing secret from his past.

Review: I should probably point out right here that if you're a really religious person, you might not appreciate this retelling of history. However, it's not really a religious book, per se, as Felix isn't really the second coming of Jesus and the Antichrist is really a drestian. You'll have to read the book to fully understand as the history is fully explained.

Overall, I did enjoy this book. It was interesting for a few reasons-

1. It's a unique plot for sure and a definite departure from the typical angel/demon stories we normally get (no demons/angels in here...unless you count the "Antichrist" Landry Ashfield a demon...but that's really in words only).

2. It starts off in the past and you don't even get to Felix starting college for a few chapters, but I liked this, because it allows you to understand Bill Stout a bit better (he's the college groundskeeper who knows way more about Felix than Felix does himself) and you even get the background on Felix's mom, who is in a mental instituion as well, which is very fascinating. These were actually some of my favorite parts. I know, I know, it's not really the main story, but it grabbed my attention.

3. Felix is in college! I love books set in college because it's not very often YA goes there. And boy, is Felix in college. You get hook-ups, drinking, parties, and lots of late nights studying...but don't worry, it's all done in a pretty tasteful way, so you don't have too much to worry about if that's not your thing.

4. LUCAS!! Lucas is Felix's roommate and man, he is hilarious! I felt like Lucas was the epitome of your typical college dude, but in a fun, humorous, he's a good friend. I'd have to say that Lucas is one of my favorite characters...if not my actual favorite.

My not so favorite parts of the book were as follows-

1. Sometimes there really was too much description. Felix goes to Portland College, which I know doesn't actually exist, but it felt like some of the facts about the place were a bit too least for me. I know some people like to know these type of things but I can only hand so much description in a book unless I feel like it's really necessary.

2. Sometimes the characters didn't really sound REAL, if that makes sense. Just the way they talked felt a bit forced...but it didn't happen all that often, so it was cool. Lucas, as I mentioned above, was awesome and as far as I remember, everything he said felt real and "relateable" in terms of "he sounds like someone you know or have met".

In general, this was an interesting book. It was different, it kept me wondering for the most part, and I did enjoy that Felix seemed like a realistic college student...and he did not believe Stout until things happened that gave him more proof, which I liked. It just would have been forced if Felix was all "okay, yeah, I'm the Second" That didn't happen, so kudos to the author for making it believable.

I am curious to see where the sequel takes Felix as the ending left with a bit of a cliff-hanger...and we still need Felix to grow into his "powers" and figure out just what he needs to do to take down Landry Ashfield! Oh, and Bill curious guy. He is definitely hiding things from Felix and I want to know what!

In the end, this was a pretty good book. It probably could have been shorter, but the book did allow readers to get a lot of pertinent information as well with the length.


Liviania said...

I do wish more YA books were set in college.

Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings said...

A fair review, I have to admit I am not interested in this, I am not religious by any means but the whole topic doesn't appeal to me but after reading your review I am glad to learn that it isn't too religious. The cover is very misleading!

Sam said...

Great review! I wouldn't have considered this book before but it does sound good. I love that there is a college setting and the characters sound great. :)

Anna said...

This sounds like a book I could like :) Thanks!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Now I would have thought it was religious and might have passed on it based on that. However, it does sound interesting despite the forced characterization. I also wouldn't have suspected humor in the book. Thanks for the review!

Mimi Valentine said...

I'm not religious one bit but I DO believe in God, so I guess I pass the qualification test to read this book LOL ;) I don't think I've ever seen this book before but it does sound like it has an interesting premise. I love how you addressed how some people may not enjoy it like you did if they're really religious, because that helps to give a fair warning but still intrigues those who don't mind :)

Awesome review, Lauren! I love books set in college too because I'm going in two years, and boy am I excited for college life parties and such! ;) <3

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

You're right. There aren't a lot of YA books that take place in a college setting, so I consider that exciting. And Lucas seems like a riot. I love characters that make me laugh.