Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pay it Forward Giveaway Hop + Prize Breakdown

I figured I would give you all a breakdown of the wonderful prizes you could win by entering the Pay it Forward Giveaway. First off, all you need to do to enter is spread the word about this giveaway and/or the giveaway hop that starts right after. You can get MORE points  by purchasing one of Catherine Ryan Hyde's books though and sending me proof via email. All the details can be found here. If you spread the word OR buy the books, email me though so I can put you in my tally (in my pages above).

This giveaway ends on June 23 and you have the chance to win one of 4 awesome prize packs!! ALSO starting June 23 and going until June 30 is a Pay it Forward Giveaway HOP! You can sign up your blog now and all that you are promising is to hold a giveaway for at least ONE item (open to whoever you wish, and costing whatever you want) that you feel needs more recognition. We want to pay the love forward, you see? It can be a book, a c.d., a baby product, a movie, a gift card to a place you love, etc. etc. Anything and everything! So sign up today!

Now, here is the breakdown of the prizes for the Pay it Forward giveaway hosted by me, Adam of Roof Beam Reader, and Catherine Ryan Hyde. Again, enter by June 23!!

---my notes are in red!

The Contest Prizes:

Prize Pack 1:

Signed Adult 1sts of: Love in the Present Tense, Chasing Windmills, Electric God and the brand new When You Were Older that’s so far available only in the UK.

Who wouldn't want a book that's only in the UK? Not only is it harder to get (if you're in the US, like me) but if you win this prize pack...it makes you ultimately a bit cooler. Just sayin'.

Prize Pack 2:

Signed YA pack of: Becoming Chloe, The Day I Killed James, Diary of a Witness and Jumpstart the World.

I know many of you are YA lovers, so you need these books in your life. It's just not a complete collection until you add a bit of CRH.
Prize Pack 3:

Personalized “gift basket”. Winner will provide ideas or a theme, and Lauren will create it and mail it to you or someone you wish to gift it to (donated by Lauren).

Okay, okay, I'm donating this...so of course I think you should enter. I love putting together gifts for people, and all my friends got "themed" gifts this past christmas like cupcakes, fire, embrace your inner nerd, and school essentials. It was fun, and I hope to start a new feature on the blog soon about gift guides for certain people and/or interests. If you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments. If you want me to MAKE you a gift...then enter this giveaway already!!

Prize Pack 4:

Winner’s choice of Catherine’s books, up to $30 US, and a copy of the movie Pay It Forward on DVD (donated by Adam).

Your choice of CRH books? In case you want something that isn't listed in the two prize packs first, or you don't win those? Adam is quite the generous man!! And I'd love to own the Pay it Forward movie on DVD. Yeah...the one with Haley Joel Osment. It was a book. Written by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Did you know that? Now you did!

Okay, that's it for me. I think you get the point. You can win some really fab prizes, and you have SUCH a good chance of winning right now, because sadly, I don't think we have that many entries. So please, spread the word about the giveaway for the prizes above, spread the word about the Pay it Forward Hop, and buy a Catherine book. I'm sure you can find some that aren't that expensive for you and it's totally worth it! Believe me. She's great.

If you want buttons to place on your blog to help promote the giveaways and blog hop, check out Adam's blog. The first button is for Catherine...scroll down and you'll find the one that is for the hop, all about celebrating our favorite things. Sounds fun, huh?

Remember, prize pack giveaways end June 23. Blog hop starts June 23 and ends June 30. Mark your calenders and get ready to par-tay!


Adam said...

Yay! I'll Tweet this link later - great job cleaning up the main post. Lol

Mimi Valentine said...

Awww, anything that has to do with paying it forward and Mimi is on board! We watched the movie in civics class this year, and it was SO inspiring -- I love that you're working to spread the word about this too! Haha and I'm so intrigued by the cupcakes in your gift basket, Lauren x) I have exam prep on the 20th so I can't host a giveaway (awww), but I'll try and see if any friends are willing! :)

Thanks so much for passing the word on about this, Lauren! It sounds great <3