Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: Wild Ink by Victoria Hanley

Wild Ink: Success Secrets to Writing and Publishing in the Young Adult Market
by Victoria Hanley

Review by Lauren

Copy from publisher, but all opinions are my own

Official Summary: What do you need to know to break in to the flourishing young adult (YA) market? With humor and a solid grounding in reality, author Victoria Hanley helps readers understand the ins and outs of the YA genre, how to stay inspired, and how to avoid common mistakes writers make in trying to reach teens. This book includes unique writing exercises to help readers find their own authentic teen voice and dozens of interviews with YA authors, blogging experts, editors, and agents to give inspiration and guidance for getting published. Chapters include writing exercises and self-editing techniques tailored to YA, along with encouraging words on dealing with self-doubt, rejection, and lack of time.

Review: This is the second edition of Wild Ink and it's great for anyone that wants to know more about writing and publishing for the YA market. To be honest, when I went through the book, I knew a lot of this information I've been scouring the web for awhile on all types of tips as I hope to one day publish a book (and most likely YA). However, this is still a nice book to have as it gives you a one-stop for all the information you need and not everyone that wants to write YA has the time to find everything they need to know online.

The book includes tips on writing in various point of views and in different tenses (an issue I often deal with when trying to switch things up) and even a section on dialogue and finding your Inner Teen Voice.

The section that most people might really appreciate is how to Submit Your Manuscript and on page 130, you get a rundown on writing a query. It took me awhile to learn how to do this and you still need critique help, I personally believe, as you write them...queries are the few paragraphs that make an agent interested in your work. They are difficult to write, because it has to be short and sweet, but able to grab attention. This book reminds you that you aren't obligated to get a response (even if it sucks) and that you will be playing the waiting game most of the time. Publishing is a slow business. I get that. But I think it can be worth it!

My favorite section, which is near the end, has interviews with YA authors such as M.T. Anderson, Nancy Garden, and Stephanie Perkins. There are fiction writers, non-fiction writers, and even those that do graphic novels. You get a lot of interesting and wide perspectives from those that are doing it well in the YA world these days.

Overall, this is a handy guide that many would be very grateful to have on their bookshelf!


Mimi Valentine said...

LOL I'm just like you, Lauren -- I've already scavenged so much information about YA and publishing though author websites and etcetera because I want to publish a book someday too! But it's always nice to have it all in one place :) But I'm really intrigued about the author interview section too! I LOVE Steph Perkins, and I really want to know what she has to say! ;)

Thanks for sharing as always, Lauren! :) <3

Medeia Sharif said...

This sounds like a great resource book. Thanks for featuring it.

Liviania said...

I've heard good things in other reviews about the interview section too.

Candace said...

This sounds like a good book! I have been studying up on publishing stuff and this sounds like one I should add to the stack!

Charmaine Clancy said...

I've read this one too, it's not bad at all :)

Giselle said...

Sounds like a perfect book for aspiring authors. I really think they should know all they can about publishing before the fact bc from what I see it can be very stressful and a long process!

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Even though I don't have any plans to write anything, I've always been interested in the writing process, but really, I'd like to check this one out just to read those author interviews. I always like knowing what it's like from their POV.

How far along have you gotten in this process Lauren?

elena said...

OH I like the interview bit! I'm not looking to become an author but this book seems like it would be a nice one to read if I were.