Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Triple Weekly Wrap-Up

I know there are many posts that people do on Sunday that is a look back on the past week and sometimes a look at what's to come this week. I'm doing my own version of that, mainly because I have more than just this blog and I want to make sure everyone has a chance to see the posts I do on my other sites.

Let's Get Beyond Tolerance - blog

I reviewed the book Andy Squared by Jennifer Lavoie, which I did enjoy!

I did a post on the new Glee cast, as well as some other fun little spoilers for the upcoming season.

All Grown Up Parties - blog

For Mother's Day (don't worry, you can use this idea for other things too) I made my mom a personalized Winnie-the-Pooh picnic. Come check out the food I picked and even see some photos of the lot!

Now, for Shooting Stars Mag, I'm going to try and do a fun Gift Guide every week. I've done Alice in Wonderland fans, as well as some unique items to get a my question for this post is: What theme(s) should I do next?

I appreciate any and all comments here or at my other blogs. Same rules apply at all three: you comment, I'll comment on one of your posts ASAP!


Liviania said...

Theme ideas . . . perhaps housewarming gifts for friends who are moving?

Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings said...

How do you keep up with three blogs? Yikes! I love the gift themed posts how about for September, the obvious back to school theme or a football theme? Or a cozy Fall theme?

Hilda K said...

It's awesome that you can run three blogs in the same time, Lauren! I'd love to read a post someday about how you manage writing for three blogs and still have time to read, interview, or watch movie! ;)

Anyway, the gift theme posts is such a fabulous idea! How about vintage, classic theme? I love vintage things but they can be very overpriced sometimes. It'd be awesome if you can introduce a shop which makes sweet, vintage-looking stuffs but with reasonable price. <3 :)

Sam said...

I'm impressed that you can handle so many blogs! I'm exhausted just trying to run one. ;)