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E is for Etching Expressions


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We were sent a wine bottle for review, but all opinions are our own

Review by Lauren

Review: I've seen Etching Expressions around for awhile now and I knew I wanted to feature them on my holiday gift guide. Luckily, they were nice enough to send me my own personalized bottle to give you all a more detailed review. First off, I went through the options with my mom...and we knew we wanted the holiday bottles so it could be given as a christmas gift. We narrowed our options down and decided to go with the simple, yet lovely, Ribbon Tree design, which starts at $65 (the price goes up if you add more to your design, or pick a wine that costs more!)

The website is super easy to use and gives you enough options to really suit your tastes. You can make the design silver, gold or full color (an extra $10 for this though). As you can see from the above photo, we went with the full color. If you chose gold or silver, that just means all the words and the tree would be gold or silver, instead of the full color white and red. You can also request a custom color, but you must pay $15 extra.

You automatically are given the tree and Happy Holidays but the four lines below that are the ones that you personalize. You only get four lines, and a max of 25 characters for each line. We, obviously, used up all our lines! You also get to pick the font out of three options- we chose Hypatia Sans Pro because I figured it would be easy to read!

For my review, we were given the options between Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet, or Sparkling Wine. These are the wines that you can choose and still pay the $65 starting price. If you want a different wine, they have a lot of options but you have to pay more (anywhere from $5 to $65 more). If this were for me, I would have gone with the Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Grape Juice because I don't drink alcohol and I love sparkling grape juice. However, we decided to create a bottle for my brother since he loves we chose the Chardonnay, as you can see from the above photo (that's the label on the back of the bottle).

The last item, of course, is what you want your bottle to say. This is the truly personalized part. We went with:

Holidays, Like Wine
Get Better With Age
Love, Mom and Dad
December 2012

This will be a gift from my mom and dad this christmas, so we wanted to put Love from them. We also figured Dec. 2012 is nice because this makes a wonderful keepsake. The words and design are literally ETCHED into the bottle. This is not paper that falls off. As long as you keep the bottle nice, the message and design will be in good shape for years to come. I mentioned my brother loves wine, so I think he'll end up drinking this (and then maybe they can fill it with water or something for future holidays) but I love that it's not your typical wine bottle that will then get thrown away. It will last for years!

As for the actual message, it took my mom and I a bit of time trying to figure out a message that was short, but sweet. I ultimately came up with "Holidays, Like Wine Get Better With Age" because it fits their life (my brother and his wife have two kids now...) but also, as wine lovers know, wine really does taste better with age.

The above gives you an idea of what the entire bottle looks like! The picture below is how the wine bottle came packaged within its box. It was kept sturdy and still, and we're still holding the bottle in this in order to better wrap it for gift giving (and it would be a great way for my brother to store it for future holidays).

Volia! That is the wine bottle we created using Etching Expressions. It was easy to do, a great selection, and a lot of fun! I definitely recommend using this website for future gift giving- they have holiday, wedding, new baby, and more, so you're bound to find something that suits your needs!

This is part of my A to Z Gift Guide!!!

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