Monday, November 19, 2012

Let Me Be Your Gift Guru and/or Party Planner

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I can't believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday, but I'm so excited that the holidays are finally upon us. I've been planning out gifts all year long. Yeah, I'm a bit obsessed, but I really like giving people's fun to come up with unique items I think they will like, or hopefully NOT get somewhere else.

Anyway, all this to say...Let Me Be Your Gift Guru and/or Party Planner. I've been posting about some of my parties this past year over at All Grown Up Parties so that gives you some idea of what I can help with. I really like coming up with "games" and food items! I'm also a big fan of picking out gifts for OTHER people to get for the ones they I'd love to help you too! You can certainly use my gift guide on the blog (and I urge you to look over all the items to see if something is of interest) but I'm happy to help on a more specific level. Tell me who you need a gift for, as well as some facts about them and the things they like, and I will go on the hunt for possible items!

I do have a Paypal if you want to donate something to that, but you're not obligated too. You can still email me with help on gift/party planning.

Any questions? Let me know! Feel free to leave any comments too and I will get back to you!

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