Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review: Modern Greetings

Modern Greetings Review

by Lauren and Chris

I was given a gift code to check out items from the site, but all opinions are my own

Review: I actually let my mom peruse the website and I went through the process of ordering the items that she picked out. She ended up getting two different notepads (one for a friend and one for herself). The picture below is the item my mom chose and we personalized it with her name- the name on this picture is what the website says!

These are my mom's thoughts about the website and her actual selections-

*good selection
*came in a timely manner
*print was sharp (the black and white really pops)
*wrapped nicely
*good amount of paper on the notepad
*good detail on the daisy
*got one for a friend too- perfect!
*personalized gift- good stocking stuffer

As for the actual process of ordering, I had some difficulties with slowness, but that may have been my computer. I couldn't tell you for sure. I do like that they allow you to place the name where you want in the black can also change the size and color, among other things. We kept the name in white though, but made the size a bit bigger than what the picture shows so that it is clear (and it really is on the final product- sorry for the lack of picture!)

However, when trying to place the name and fix the size...again, might have been my computer...but it kept giving me trouble and I almost wished they had a set place for the name and I could just type what I wanted in a box like other websites. If that doesn't make sense, it's essentially like you're creating something in powerpoint or whatever. You type what you want in a text box ON the paper, so you aren't filling out boxes and having the computer magically place it. This is a nice idea and I think it allows you the chance to be more creative and really personalize things - especially if you use this as a gift. I keep saying it may be my computer because it could have been a bad day for ordering...I still recommend playing around with the site and seeing what works for you! They really DO have an awesome selection of paper goods and even photo books.

Another item I want to mention, though, is that if you're thinking of ordering something sometime soon...I'd order just one item. Unfortunately, the site charges shipping costs for EACH item, even if you order together. This is something they are aware of and hope to change, because they understand the frustration it may cause for customers. That shouldn't stop you from ordering, though. Either pay shipping for each or just buy one item. Hopefully they will have a new system worked out in the near future that will fix this!

Besides that, Modern Greetings is a great site, with some very beautiful products. I would certainly order from them again. I love that you can get photo books, notepads, stationary, invitations, and more on this site.

Check it out. See what looks good to you. I'd love to know!

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