Sunday, December 30, 2012

Interview with Lauren Baratz- Logsted

Interview with Lauren Baratz- Logsted, author of Pursuing the Times

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Questions by Lauren Becker

Official Summary:
All that popular Chick-Lit author Mercury Lauren wants is to have one of her books reviewed by the New York Times Book Review - just one - and she'll do almost anything to get it. In this contemporary romantic comedy, with a nod toward Pride and Prejudice she crosses swords and hearts with the Editor-in-Chief of the NYTBR in a madcap adventure that takes her from her home in Westport to a yoga retreat to a golf course in Florida. Will she get what she wants and will she finally be happy if she does? Only one thing's for certain: nothing will stop her from Pursuing the Times.

1. Your YA novel, Secrets of My Suburban Life, has a main character named Lauren, who goes by Ren. Your latest, Pursuing the Times, has an author named Mercury Lauren. Is there a reason you reference your own name in novels?
Because I can? Seriously, with 26 books published and more soon to come, I think I'm running out of names! OK, that's not serious either. Trying one last time: For the YA novel, Secrets of My Suburban Life, I thought Ren D'Arc was a cool name for a character - I think she's only rarely, if ever, referred to fully by other characters as Lauren in the book. As for Pursuing the Times, given a lot of things about her, Mercury Lauren is probably as close to an alter ego as I have in my fiction, but she's been more successful than I am, I'm pretty sure she's crazier than I am, and Lauren is only her last name. I do have a book for young readers coming out in which Lauren Baratz-Logsted is Mayor of Danbury, but that's another story.
2. As Mercury Lauren and yourself are both authors, did you also yearn for a book review from the New York Times (or do you still)?
I don't know an author, no matter how successful, who wouldn't like critical validation by The Paper Of Record. Exhibit A: Jennifer Weiner. Exhibit B: Jodi Picoult. But I'm not willing to go to the lengths Mercury Lauren does to get it. I mean, golf - really? That said, here's a curious thing: many times, The New York Times has selected letters I've written to the editor for publication. So, obviously, someone there thinks I can write, if only a few sentences at a time.
3. The book summary says it is a nod toward Pride and Prejudice. Is there any particular ways it does so (that you can tell us now)?
Given that the novel opens, "It is a publishing truth, universally acknowledged, that anyone professionally involved in the pursuit of 'Lit-e-ra-ture,' must, by definition, despise Chick-Lit," it might be easier to list the ways it's not a nod. Here's just one difference: I'm fairly certain that Jane Austen never wrote a scene in which a grown man and woman have to resort to calling Room Service for condoms because they've arrived at a naked moment in time woefully unprepared and are "too stupid to live."


Aneeqah said...

This book definitely seems different from so many others in its genre! It's interesting that the author uses her name occasionally in her books, I'd like to do that if I ever were to write a book. ;) But it's neat that NYT has published some of the authors letters! Maybe that review will be coming soon...

Fantastic interview! Thanks for sharing. <3

Candace said...

I just read this last week and its flipping hilarious! I loved this interview and was wondering about the Lauren thing. And Lauren I SO hope your not AS crazy as Mercury. Oh my that girl gets herself in a pickle. And talk about going to extremes! But hey- whatever it takes to get reviewed by the Times...

LM Preston said...

Hi Lauren! Love your cover and saucy novel Pursuing Times. I'm adding it to my tbr list I enjoy romantic comedy.

Vegan YA Nerds said...

I really like my name too, and I'd probably only want to name characters after people I knew and liked, it would be tough to pick names!

I'll have to check out her YA book!

Erika said...

LOVE this mini interview; and I think I may be adding this book to my must-read list! :)

Brandi Kosiner said...

Great interview. Love your questions.
Happy reading,
Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

L-Diggitty said...

I'm going to steal my hubby's Kindle and read this - I think the "too stupid to live" comment is what got me!!!! LOL!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Another book I need to add to my list, it's getting longer and longer.

fakesteph said...

Ren D'Arc IS a cool name.