Tuesday, December 11, 2012

J is for Just Bath and Body Stuff

all photos from the etsy site, do not own

You know the saying "it looks too good to eat"? Well, the above photo doesn't look too good to eat...it looks too good to clean with. Yeah, that awesome piece of artwork is a bar of soap! I would love this just to keep on hand. I'd hate to actually use it. Then again, maybe I should just get more than one. That might solve the dilemma. And guess what? One bar of the above soap is only $8!

Elephants not your cup of tea? The shop includes many more options! Since this is a holiday gift guide, I suppose you might want something that fits the season.

This is the pine tree soap, perfect for anyone celebrating Christmas! If not, another option is the snowman!

Want to actually use this soap and curious about the smell? The site says:
Your soap can be scented or unscented. If you'd like to pick a fragrance from my extensive Scent List, please visit my Scent List page http://www.jbabs.com/scent-list/ and then let me know what you'd like in a note with your payment or contact me asap after purchase.

Believe me, when they say extensive, they mean it! You have so many options of scents, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs.

Shopping for a kid and want to get something "practical", especially for a stocking? Try out the Monkey Farts soap, but due note, this one has a scent....though nowhere near as bad as the name suggests!

And as not to gross out my viewers, I won't post a picture of this one...but if you're looking for a fun gag gift (perfect for Secret Santa, etc.), then check out this Doggy Doody soap...only $5 too!

I did not work with the company on this post. I simply spotlighted what I knew based on their etsy shop. I can't testify to the quality of the products but I only post about things I'd be willing to buy and try out myself!


Liviania said...

My nephew would love the train soap.

Candace said...

That soap with the elephants is gorgeous! I love buying products like this for gifts. Actually this is the kind of stuff I got for my mom and MIL already. Thanks for highlighting what looks to be a great shop!

Erika said...

Ohmigosh I want the little elephants - so cute!! :)