Saturday, December 22, 2012

Q is for Quirky Sews

Q is for Quirky Sews

I know a lot of my gift guide picks come from Etsy shops, but I just love Etsy! You get some wonderful quality items, often handmade by wonderful people around the world (so you know you're supporting a 'good cause' if you will). As for all you UK readers, this a UK shop, which means shipping is cheaper for you instead of more expensive!!

The first photo above is the Cheeky Bitten Gingerbread Man ornament. Isn't it too adorable?! I figured since it's still the holiday season, we might as well start with a christmas item! My plan is to do stockings for some of my friends next year, so I can put a variety of fun gifts in it for them to enjoy, and this would make a wonderful addition to many of theirs! If the bitten gingerbread man is a bit too upsetting for you, don't worry! There is a Cheeky Whole Gingerbread Man too!

Another shop I featured had mustache mugs, so I thought it would be fun to show you that Quirky Sews also offers their own mustache goodies, in the form of these Metallic Embroidered Lace Moustache Necklaces. The above is listed for a grey necklace, but there are other color options too. Check out the link to see a picture of a dog sporting this necklace! It's too funny!

Finally, the shop holds some fun tissue holders. One of my favorites is the above Punk Birdies Embroidered Tissue Holder. Click the link to see more pictures/angles of this product! The site, however, says:

The birds have some cool punk hairdo's and are sitting on barbed wire.

Isn't that just too clever? If the punk birds aren't your thing, though, there are some other adorable options that might be!

I found this shop on etsy, and I decided to do a spotlight of the items you can purchase from them. I have not personally worked with the shop, however, so all opinions are my own.


Liviania said...

I know my cousin would like the lace mustache necklace.

Medeia Sharif said...

These are so cute!

I'm done with my Christmas shopping, but next year I'd like to spend more time finding unique items.