Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tim Curry Loves Psych

"Take on me...take me home..."

Psych Slumber Party is well underway. First episode down (Last Night Gus) and now it's time for...American Duos! This is one of my favorite Psych episodes. Singing Shawn and Gus? What else do you need? (Yes, the gif above is from the episode...though I did not make it).

My sister is currently drinking the awesome hot chocolate we were sent in the Slumber Party kit, and LOVING IT! You can't enjoy Psych without refreshments. You better have some on hand for the season 7 premiere (February 27th at 10/9c)!!!

Now, back to American Duos...

Yes, that IS Tim Curry (Clue, Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc.). Psych has some of the best guest stars (especially if you're a fan of the 80's!) You need to be watching this show so you don't miss any of the goodness.

Oh yeah, they're rockin' it!

I hope you're all enjoying the awesome-ness of Psych! If you aren't, then I hope you'll tune into the new season in about a week and a half! Hardly any time at all. I can't wait! If you don't hear from me again on here, don't worry...I'll write you all back when I can. Off to enjoy the rest of the Psych Slumber Party! Don't forget to check my Tumblr too!

(no gifs are mine)


....Petty Witter said...

Hopefully coming to our screens in England sometime soon.

Erika said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I need to see this show like now - it looks completely awesome! :)

Medeia Sharif said...

I'm so behind in tv-watching. I never heard of this show, but it looks funny.

L-Diggitty said...

I've never heard of this either, but it looks hilarious! It looks like something I would really like, actually... we don't have tv but I can still watch via Hulu, Netflix, or the internet... I'll just have to figure out where it's available!