Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gift Guide of Cheap Shipping Costs

Gift Guide of Cheap Shipping Costs
When I asked people about ideas to do for gift guides, a few of you seemed interested in finding online shops that offered free or cheap shipping. This is certainly something I could try and do again in the future, with new shops, but I wanted to share what I had at the moment. Again, leave any gift guide ideas in the comments. And don't worry, I have the last post to go off of too.
No More Rack- $2 flat rate shipping per item. They ship to the Continental U.S. and no sales tax except to New York state.
I love this website because there are new items added every day. You definitely have to keep checking back to find what you want, but they offer a lot of great items from electronics, to household goods, to jewelry, to clothes, to makeup, etc. I've already bought a few items from them and it always turns out well! They tell you about the product, the original price, and then what you have to pay (plus the $2 shipping per item). Obviously, for certain items, you might want to check out the internet to see if you can find a better deal...but some items are obviously a steal! Great place to find unique gifts for a low price and low, low shipping!

Nordstrom - free standard shipping in the U.S. - even Alaska and Hawaii. No minimum purchase needed. You get free returns too.

Nordstrom is certainly a pricey store, so there are things you wouldn't necessarily want to buy...but free shipping in the U.S. does help lower costs. However, if you look around online, you can get some nicely priced gift items for the home, etc.

The Book Depository- free shipping worldwide, as long as you live in a country on this list!

I'm sure all of you know about The Book Depository. It's a great place to buy your books online since you don't have to pay for the shipping costs. Sometimes the books are even cheaper here than at Amazon or some other website. However, I wanted to include TBD on this list because you can also buy some fun gift items on this site, apart from books. I wasn't aware of this for awhile so I figured I might not be the only one.

One of the easiest ways to find some of these fun items is to go here. I simply logged onto the site, clicked Stationary in the left hand list of categories, and then clicked All Category Books at the top.

Here are some of the items I found by doing so -

Tim Burton playing cards from $4.99 - buy it here

Sukie Button Factory (kit) for $14.97 - buy it here

Origami Paper for $4.95 - buy it here

Desk Notes Keep Calm and Carry On for $7.43 - buy it here

Office Kit (inspired by the TV show "The Office") for $17.00 - buy it here

Cupcake Shoppe Stationary for $8.68 - buy it here


Bellas Shelf said...

I enjoy no more rack. One must be careful what they get. I once bought a necklace w/a diamond "F" and boy was it craptastic. Lolz. They do have quite a few awesome things though.
I cant win em all!
Book Depot is great. I also buy books usually older ones from the used section on Amazon. I got Cinder hardcover for 1.25$ great shape 3.99$ s&h. I was stoked how cheap it was, how great it looked.
Its fun to find great deals online.

Rachel said...

Free or cheap shipping is a huge plus! Shipping can cost so much money taking away from your gift budget. Thanks for all the tips here! :)

Andrea @The Bookish Babes said...

Ah, that's some great info! Thanks for sharing.

Melanie said...

Oh how I absolutely love The Book Depo. <33

Erika said...

I buy from Nordstrom whenever possible - the Free Shipping and excellent return policy is too amazing to pass up! :)

Liviania said...

I do like buying from Nordstroms. ^_^

Sara @ Forever 17 Books said...

I really like The Book Depository. I almost always use it for giveaways. Prices have gone up on the books but I have to keep reminding myself the shipping is free. :)

Candace said...

I hadn't thought about buying other things from TBD, that's a good idea! I do like free shipping. There's been too many times that I get a coupon for someplace so I go and shop for hours to find the perfect item and then I go to check out and the shipping is so high that I just back out and say forget it.

Easy Canvas Prints is free shipping to the US and I've had good luck with them so far...

Medeia Sharif said...

I'm a member of Amazon Prime and there are some non-book items that have free shipping.

I love the Book Depository.

Bookworm1858 said...

I didn't know the Book Depo sold things that weren't books-thanks for enlightening me. I look forward to checking it out too!