Thursday, November 14, 2013

Etsy Shop: Beautiful Baubles (Disney, Books, etc.)

My friend Rachel started her own etsy shop, Beautiful Baubles, which is full of wonderfully fun jewelry. If you're a book or Disney fan, you are bound to find something you love!

First, be sure to like her shop on facebook for up-to-date information and deals

Now, I thought I'd share some of the items that I really love but you'll definitely have to look over the whole shop to see what goodies are to be found.

This is an Ellie and Carl inspired necklace from the movie UP. I love this movie, and I think the story of Ellie and Carl in the beginning is heartbreaking, yet beautiful. This necklace would make a lovely gift from a boyfriend or husband...but it's also a nice gift just to tell someone you love them and to always be open to adventure.

This is the Aladdin Genie Key Chain which I think is adorable. I love that it has the silhouette of Mickey Mouse as well. One of my favorite Disney movies is Aladdin, so this is something I'd really like!

Isn't this Peter Pan/Tinker Bell bracelet too cute?! I love the colors and the Tinker Bell charm, but I also really enjoy that it says "Believe." I think this would make a great graduation gift!


These are three items that I really like, but there are plenty of other options! You can get miniature book necklaces (with charms), earrings, other necklaces/bracelets, etc. I hope you find something you love to support this amazing woman!


Jasprit said...

Aww these gifts are so adorable! I think the Aladdin Genie key chain is definitely a favourite. But I will have a proper look around to see what else your friend has to offer. Thanks for sharing another great post with us! :)

Erika Sorocco said...

That keychain is so adorbs! Aladdin is one of my all-time faves, as well!!


Tanja - Tanychy said...

Aww these are so cute. I'm not fan of jewelry but these are adorable. Great post :)

Liviania said...

I like the UP necklace best.

Sara @ Forever 17 Books said...

So cute! I love the Aladdin one!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

These are very cute! I like her craftiness! :)

Allie @ Little Birdie Books said...

That's so cool! I wish I was that creative!

LOVe the grape soda necklace!

Allie @ Little Birdie

Candace said...

These look great! I'll have to go check out the whole site!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

These are so cute! I really love the Peter Pan/Tinker Bell bracelet especially. Thanks for sharing!

Bookworm1858 said...

I am a huge Disney fan so I love every single one of these and will definitely be exploring this shop more!