Thursday, April 24, 2014

Theming Thursday: DIY Gifts for Mom (2)

Today is part two of my Mother's Day DIY gifts. I think making gifts are always fun, and a lot of times they can save you lots of money. However, if you need ideas for a "from the store" gift, then let me know and I'm happy to try and help! Here is part one of the DIY gifts.

You can't forget the wonderful grandmothers in your life! Strawberry Mommycakes offers this free, printable grandma book! The pages offered are:

  • Front Cover
  • About Me Page
  • Growth Page
  • Hand Print Page
  • Favorite Things Pages
  • Picture Pages
  • Drawing Pages
  • A Year in Round Up Page

  • Via Catch My Party, 9 to 5 Mom offers some cute and free Mother's Day party printables if you're in the mood to plan a little party.

    Seven Thirty Three also has some free printables available for a mother's day party. You can always use some of these for gifts too - like the tags and the card!

    I should be mopping the floor offers some fun (and free of course!) coupons to make a Mother's Day coupon book! I know a lot of moms that would really love this!

    Kori Clark offers some different Mother's Day cards (Grandma and Nana versions too). I have to say my favorite is the one above where your child fills out "Things I know About My Amazing Mom." This would be a card to keep for a lifetime!

    Remember, there is still some time until Mother's Day so if you want more DIY ideas or a specific gift for someone, let me know and I will be happy to try and find some possible ideas! Also, Theming Thursday is a weekly feature so please leave future ideas in the comments. Want more party ideas? Gift ideas? Let me know!


    Emily @ Forever Literary said...

    I don't have much experience with these kinds of Mothers Day projects. My mom says you should be nice to your mother EVERY day and therefore doesn't approve of the holiday, so I've never given her anything for it outside of those crafts you have to make in elementary school. Still, that didn't prevent me from enjoying looking at this post. I enjoy this kind of thing a little bit too much (I have an affinity for aesthetically appealing fonts and designs) so I love it when you compile posts like this. Thanks for sharing!

    Andrea Thompson said...

    Mothers Day is sneaking up on me, always. Thanks for the post. I see a lot of cute stuff!

    Erika Sorocco said...

    LOVE the Coupon Book!!


    Liviania said...

    The grandma books would be cute to do with my niece and nephew. (Except my mom is "Granny.")

    Sara @ Forever 17 Books said...

    I love the Grandma book idea. I always struggle with ideas for Mother's Day at this stage in the game. lol

    Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings said...

    The printable Grandma book is so cute, and I am sure my mom would appreciate something like that. I need to get in gear and get after it!

    kimbacaffeinate said...

    These are adorable, I emailed my friend's Dad this info..gotta help those young Dad's out!

    Kindlemom said...

    Oh this is a wonderful idea, I love it! I agree that the ones that are made mean so much more.

    Eileen said...

    My family's never been big on gift-giving so I've never given my mom really big Mother's Day gifts but these are so cute if I have time this year I'll make a really quick DIY gift :) Thanks for sharing!

    Aylee said...

    These are great ideas... but unfortunately, they wouldn't really suit my mum. It would sure make my life easier if they did! She does appreciate DIY cards though, so I think I'll take that idea and try to incorporate something else, as well... uh oh, I'm running out of time!

    elena said...

    these are so cute! such a great idea!

    Medeia Sharif said...

    Awesome gift ideas.

    Tracy Terry said...

    Such wonderful ideas. I especially love the idea of those coupons.

    Lily B said...

    oh these look very fun and easy! I love DIY