Saturday, September 27, 2014

Subscription September: Escape Monthly Review

Escape Monthly subscription service

I was given half off a box for review; all opinions are my own

Escape Monthly allows you to escape to another place each month with items such as spa products, food, and gift certificates! These boxes only shop to the U.S. at this time, but shipping is completely free! Simply sign up before the 15th of the month and you will get that month's location. If you sign up after the 15th, you will get next month's location. Therefore, if you sign up after reading this, you will get October's location which is...LONDON!!

The website states that "you can save 20% off your first box + 20% off the subscription for life using the coupon code LONDON during checkout."

Cost:  $49.95 a month for the Regular box and $25.95 a month for the Mini box.

Regular ($49.95) and Mini Size ($24.95).
Regular ($49.95) and Mini Size ($24.95).

For my review, I was sent the August regular size box, and the destination was Paris! Everything came packaged nicely in the above box and I was given a brochure with some fun facts about Paris as well as a list of the items in my box, including retail price for each one.

On the  left, I got the Institut Karite Paris Shea Butter Hand Cream that my mom really enjoyed. It's a "lily of the valley" scent, which she loved. She said it was soft and the lotion lasted awhile.

Next to that box, we have Pierre Biscuiterie French Butter Cookies with lemon and almond. She said you can really taste the lemon and it's very good. The cookies are grouped in packages, with two in each one!

Then we have the Nuxe Body Scrub and Shower Gel which I have not had a chance to personally use, but I hope to throw those in my shower tomorrow to start trying out.

I was also given a Ric Steves' Pocket Travel Guide to Paris, which is great. Even if you aren't going to visit the city, it's fun to see what things you could do there and what it's famous for in general. However, my sister and I do hope to visit Paris sometime in the next couple years, so this will be nice.

Another couple food items included were Edmond Fallot Mustard, which is based out of Dijon, so you might think of it as Dijon mustard. Then I was given Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves. Both of these have yet to be tried, but I am excited. My sister has been to Dijon, France before so I think she has previously tried and enjoyed the mustard.

Finally, I received the L'abbaye De Flavigny Gourmet Candy. This is said to be "candy flavored with anise" according to my brochure. These are marketed as mints, but they aren't what we would think of, with a peppermint or strong taste. Instead, these round candies have a bit of a rose type taste and they are hard to chew, so they are meant to be sucked on and enjoyed for awhile. I really like these!

In a nutshell...

Positives- I like that you are given a choice between a regular and a mini box, depending on your price range. You are given a variety of items each month, and I love that you get to "explore" a different city each month (I had Paris, September was Puerto Rico, and October is London).

Negatives- the price is a bit high to keep up month after month, if you are buying the regular box. Besides that, I don't really have any negatives. All the products arrived safely and I love the mix of items you receive.

And finally, most exciting of all, is that all members of the service are entered every month for a FREE vacation to visit that city! Therefore, if you sign up for October, you are automatically entered to win a vacation to London, England!
you can save 20% off your first box + 20% off the subscription for life using code LONDON during checkout. - See more at:
you can save 20% off your first box + 20% off the subscription for life using code LONDON during checkout. - See more at:
you can save 20% off your first box + 20% off the subscription for life using code LONDON during checkout. - See more at:


Liviania said...

Bonne Maman is a jelly brand I buy sometimes! Pretty good stuff.

Erika Sorocco said...

Oh how I want this! The products featured inside are awesome!!


Kindlemom said...

Looks like a fun box!

Alise said...

Really liking this! Looks like you get a lot of good stuff, although I agree about the price. That would get expensive yearly.

Hilda K said...

The bakery in my town sells Bonne Maman, and it's good! <3 (Honestly I can't notice the difference between it and usual strawberry jam, but well...) I'd love to try the hand cream! Lily of the valley is simply lovely scent. <3

I love the idea of this box! It's a shame it only ships in the US. Thanks for sharing with us, Lauren! :)

Cleo Bannister said...

That does sound like a wonderful gift box, I really love your reviews of these subscription services.

Krysten Quiles said...

Wow this box sounds wonderful!

Karen Alderman said...

That is kind of pricey but at least you get something good!

Candace said...

I WANT! You know my obsession with travel. But like you mentioned, it's a bit expensive. I suppose though, the price adds up quick with all the items sent. I really LOVE it though and would love the surprise each month. I really can't afford it, but I'm going to look into a little more anyway.