Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Look Back at Blog World (8)

A Look Back at Blog World (8)

Happy (early) Easter to everyone who is celebrating! I'm not doing too much, but I hope it's a nice, relaxing day nonetheless.

Interesting Posts: 

All That Rocks shares a free printable to track your baby’s milestones 

Polkadot Chair shares a Disney Side Party: Villains Crafternoon

The Resourceful Mama shares Dollar Tree Easter Baskets for kids of all ages (last minute idea?)

Ribbons and Glue shares how to make a Bestie Mini Album using cereal boxes

Questions Answered:

 I got a question on my review of Bittersweet, so I thought I'd share that and my answer below:

How did you find her character overall, and was the romance believable?

The question is about main character, Savannah. Another review had said she was a bit abrasive and rude, so the commenter wanted to know what I thought. Savannah is a character that starts out a bit tough and hard to like. She's not happy about being sent to live with her uncle for the summer and she definitely doesn't want to work at a theme park because she has an aversion to roller coasters. I could understand how Savannah felt, especially as the book goes on, so it made sense that Savannah was upset. However, I do think she gets better and realizes a lot about herself. As for the romance, it did seem believable. He has a past and secrets, like Savannah does, so it makes things between them a bit more equal.

Chaotic Goddess Swaps is hosting a Books and Bloggers swap, where you send another book lover three different books-

  • A book from your partner's wishlist.
  • A book you have read and loved.
  • A book you haven't read, but think looks interesting
I love this site's swaps but I haven't done their book swap before, so I figured it was about time! I can't wait to see who I'm paired with and what we get each other.

  • Sign-Ups Close on April 6th, 2015
  • Partners Assigned by April 8th, 2015
  • Packages Ship by April 18th, 2015
  • Swap Show-Off Post/Linky goes live on April 22nd, 2015


Erika Sorocco said...

YES to a Villains Crafternoon!!


Kate Midnight Book Girl said...

We're celebrating tomorrow... by tracking down the source of a suspected leak. Sigh. But I will eat chocolate, just because I can.

I love the idea of the book swaps! But I know that this month and next are going to be busy for me, and there's no way I can trust myself to stay on schedule, but I will watch from afar. Can't wait to see what you get and what you give!

Kindlemom said...

I hope you have a nice relaxing Easter!

Diva Booknerd said...

Thanks for answering my question Lauren, going to give it a go. I like that there's character growth, always an awesome sign. Thanks for sharing Lauren, absolutely love that mini album, super creative. Going to check it out. Hope you're having a wonderful Easter <3

Kirsty-Marie Jones said...

Love the Dollar Tree Easter Baskets idea! I need to show it to my cousin, she goes waaaaaaay too overboard with chocolate eggs for the kids on Easter.

Jasprit said...

Some of these posts are just so adorable! Thanks for leaving us the links for them. I hope you have a great Easter weekend!

Alexia561 said...

The Books and Bloggers Swap sounds like fun! Don't think I'll be able to participate this time, but will try to sign up next time. Looking forward to seeing what you receive!

Happy Easter!

Brandi Kosiner said...

Well, she does sound like some getting used to, but a different sort of mc

Christy @ Love of Books said...

Well that sounds like a character I'd like. That Disney villains thing looks cool - I'll have to check it out. Have great week!

GABY said...

I'd like to do a theme party one day and Disney's Villians sounds good!

Sharons Book Nook! said...

Love the Disney Villains party them and those Easter baskets are a great idea.

Lexxie Lin said...

Those baby tracker templates are really nice, Lauren! My kids are far too big for those now, but I was always on a lookout for those kinds of things when they were younger.
I hope you're having a fantastic week! Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you - a whole week without an internet connection did that ;)
Happy reading.