Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sunday Post (9): I Sprained My Knee

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I can't believe it's another Sunday. I hope all you had a great Christmas (if you celebrated). I saw the movie Joy with my parents, sister, and brother. We all liked it. It wasn't my most favorite Jennifer Lawrence film though. It seemed to go on a bit too long, to be honest. We all really want to see Daddy's Home so that will probably happen tomorrow. Do any of you see movies on Christmas Day? It's something my family has done for years!

On the "bad" side of things, I sprained my MCL in my left knee about a week ago. I really don't know what I did; essentially twisted it wrong. So I've been in a knee brace since then. It's not too bad but when my knee is really hurting, it's not fun. It makes sleeping kind of difficult too. I'm hoping it will get better soon though because my work is physical - I move around the library the whole time, putting things away, etc. and my knee makes it hard to stand/bend down much. We'll see how work goes this week. I was lucky to get last week off! 

Anyway, I hope those of you still on a bit of a blog break are having a nice, relaxing time! For the rest of you, I'm always commenting back on your blog if you comment on mine, so please start up a discussion!

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How did your week go?


Cilla P said...

Eeep so sorry to hear about your knee. D: That doesn't sound fun at all - I hope it gets better really soon and work isn't too painful next week! I never see movies on Christmas day, my family's too busy cooking then haha. I need to look up what Joy is about though. I've seen mentions of it floating around my feed but never been motivated enough to actually look into it.

GABY said...

We also watch movies on Christmas! We saw the new Snoopy movie, it was very cute. We loved it :)

I hope you get well soon!

Tracy Terry said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your knee. Seemingly so easy to do and yet very painful. Here's hoping it will soon heal.

Hoping to see the new Star Wars over the holidays. We were going to wait to watch it on DVD but have been informed it really must be viewed on the big screen.

Nikki Amy said...

Oh, ouch to your knee! I hope you get well soon!
I didn't even know the movies were open on Christmas!

Brandi Kosiner said...

Hope your knee feels better

Lola R said...

Watchign movies sounds like a fun christmas tradition. We never watched movies around christmas. I hope your knee feels better soon, a sprained knee sounds painfull. I hope you'll have a great week!

Adriana Garcia said...

Oh, that's too bad about your knee. I think Joy would be fun to watch even so. I think I've only gone once during Christmas to watch a movie. I think it was Sherlock Holmes.

Gingi Freeman said...

OW!! A sprained knee? That cant be good! I hope you feel better soon and KEEP BLOGGING! <3 -

The Bibliophile Babe said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Claudia Arroyo said...

While growing up, going to the movies on Christmas Day was a family tradition for me too :) I haven't carried that tradition along with my family, though, we like to stay in and watch movies from the comfort of our home instead :) I really want to see Daddy's Home.

Sorry to hear about your left knee :/ you have my prayers!

Nicole Hewitt said...

Oh, ugh! I hope your knee is feeling better very soon. So frustrating!

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction