Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bunbury Music Festival 2016: Part 1

X Ambassadors
I attended the Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnat, Ohio over the June 3-5 weekend. I'm so sorry it's taken me awhile to really share my feedback, but I had a great time. My sister and I were given media passes to attend the festival, but any and all feedback is our own!

Friday night I knew I needed to see X Ambassadors. This was the third time I'd seen them live and they are absolutely amazing. If you want to see a band that sounds AS good live as they do on the album, then this is the band for you! I've talked about them before as they played at Bunbury a couple years ago. They have gotten even bigger since then, but I was excited to see that Bunbury brought them back!

X Ambassadors
I just used a regular digital camera to take my photos, so I'm sorry if they aren't the best quality! The stage X Ambassadors played on wasn't the main stage, but I loved the location because there is still a lot of room to hang out.

X Ambassdors
Before we saw them play, the people I was with all got dinner at the Montgomery Inn booth. We all grabbed a pulled pork sandwich and it was really good! I'm pretty sure this was the first year Montgomery Inn (a local place) was at Bunbury, so it was nice to see something different!

Of course, there are some classic food options that come every year, like Island Noodles. People line up for a long time to grab those. I got some on Sunday when the line wasn't very long, so it worked out well!

Island Noodles
I grabbed the noodles with chicken because I find it more filling than just noodles/vegetables. However, it's hard to eat hot food when it's warm out, so I was only able to eat about half of this. Again, tons of people were eating these though, so the warmth doesn't really stop most people.

Of course, there WERE some nice cold options besides a drink! For example, there were two locations where you could get Street Pops which are these awesome popsicles.

I got the one on the left, which was a lemon flavor, and my sister got an orange creamsicle. Hers was nice but I REALLY loved the lemon. Just enough of a tart taste. This was actually the second popsicle I got over the weekend. The first one was on Friday night and I forget the exact flavor, but it was a strawberry. Also very good.  Like I said before, I love that there are some cold options available because warm food and hot weather really don't make me feel that well.

A new cold option this year was Fronana, which was an ice cream made with bananas, so it's healthier. They had one flavor without bananas and that was a mango type of blend. I chose a small cup of that to try and it was okay. It left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth after eating, so I didn't finish it. I am still a bit curious what some of the other flavors might have tasted like. Regardless, it was a nice addition and fun to try!

Now, I don't want these posts to go on too long, so be on the lookout for one or two more posts about my time at Bunbury!!

Any questions? I'll answer in the next post!


Joyous Reads said...

Have fun, Lauren! Is it bad I don't know anything about this band? I'm so out of the loop. Lol.

Erika Sorocco said...

I have never heard of this band before. Living under a rock much? Haha! The food looks incredible! I can never eat hot food in warm weather either! :P


Lola R said...

Sounds like the had fun at this festival! I haven't heard of this band though, but I don't listen to music a lot.
I still like warm food when it's warm, but if it's really hot cold food is nicer. Those popsicles sound yummy!

The Bibliophile Babe said...

That sounds so fun! That food looks good. :D

Rachel said...

I love seeing live bands and it sounds like you had a great time, Lauren! I'd prefer a lemon Popsicle, too! I love tart flavors when it's hot. :)