Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Unique Formatting Book Challenge: June Reviews

Wow, it's June already! We are about halfway through the Unique Formatting Book Challenge. Remember, if you have read/reviewed a uniquely formatted novel this year and did not link it up yet, feel free to do it this month! Otherwise, anything you read that fits the challenge, link up this month!!

This month's linky will go until the end of the month- June 31! If you are reading this and the linkup isn't live, check back tomorrow and it will be! I don't have a set idea of what I want to give away, but we are due for one, so keep an eye on the blog and I'll share details soon! Remember - to enter, you have to link up at least ONE book review from this past January through June.


Kindlemom said...

Good luck to everyone!

Nicole Hewitt said...

Okay, I'm actually linking up some of my reviews now - I keep missing these link-ups somehow!! I love participating in challenges, but I'm horrible about keeping up with the link-ups! :-)

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Nicole Hewitt said...

P.S. Can I put in a little word of advice? Instead of having your sidebar for this challenge link to your sign-up page, I would link to the post that you have that has links to all the link-up pages (since it ALSO has a link to the sign-up AND links to your book suggestions). It would make following the challenge easier!