Unique Formatting Book Challenge

This year I am hosting the Unique Formatting Book Challenge. If you are interested in taking part, just link up your unique format book reviews during the monthly link ups. No need to make a sign up post, but if you want to post the above button on your blog, that would be awesome!

Sign Up Post:  This linky is closed, so you don't have to sign up here to take part. Just post a review during the various months. However, this post DOES share the various levels for the challenge. Be sure to look over this post so you know how many books you plan/want to read this year!

Monthly Link Ups: There will be a new one each month! I'll link them here so you can find them to link up or check out the reviews!

January Monthly Link Up
February Monthly Link Up
March Monthly Link Up
April Monthly Link Up
May Monthly Link Up
June Monthly Link Up
July Monthly Link Up

Unique Formatting Book Ideas: I made a couple posts that share some book ideas you could possibly read for this challenge! This isn't a strict challenge, but if you have a question - just get in touch!

Book Ideas Number One

More book ideas (broken into Adult, YA, and Juvenile)

Giveaways: I'm going to try and have a giveaway every few months for anyone that has posted a review during those months, so be sure to keep an eye out on the blog for that, and don't forget to link up!

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